DIY: Easy, affordable autumn wreath

This post was originally published on Oct. 22, 2016.dsc_0667

I have a love/hate relationship with craft stores. They’re a DIY dreamland, sucking me in with their aisles of scrapbook stickers and seasonal sales, and I don’t have the self control to walk past without filling an entire shopping cart with assorted things. It’s seriously dangerous. An autumn wreath at Michael’s can cost between $50 and $100. I decided to throw together my own wreath this year – in 10 minutes – for only $25.


  • Wire wreath frame • $7
  • Leaf garland • $1-$7
  • Burlap ribbon • $5
  • Styrofoam pumpkin accent • $3
  • Craft wire • $3
  • (Optional) maple leaf or pinecone accents • $3

*I shopped at Michael’s, but you can find most of these things at a dollar store!




  1. Weave the leaf garland through the wire frame, securing it in place with craft wire.
  2. Add accents. I used a styrofoam pumpkin, secured in place with wire, and some sparkly maple leafs. I finished her off with a burlap bow (I’m on the burlap bandwagon and I’m not sorry about it). You can add pretty much anything to make this project your own, such as adding a wooden letter, more gourds or sunflowers.




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  1. mylifeasishan · December 20

    Great post


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